Why Write Speculative Ficion???

FullSizeRender (1)For as long as I can remember I’ve been aware of the spiritual world. As a child, I had countless supernatural experiences. Most would make your skin crawl. All of them added to absolute terror, a never-ending plague that shrouded the first thirty years of my life. I viewed the world through a filter of fear and chaos, never knowing what might jump at me next.

As an adult, I searched for answers, an explanation for what happened to me and why I see and feel what I do. Eventually, I found answers. With that knowledge came my salvation, came a means of crawling out of terror’s prison, came blissful peace. But such freedom didn’t happen overnight.

I suppose I write speculative fiction because of how I view life. The spiritual world moves, lives, breathes among us. We can’t see it, but if you pay close attention you’ll find it there. Right next you. An exhale away. Writing provides a medium to tell my story in a manner that doesn’t feel threatening. For all of us who would raise our hand when asked if we believe in the supernatural, two more would scoff. But that’s okay. My goal isn’t to change anyone’s mind. My goal is to allow my imagination to release what I’ve encountered.

I suppose I also write speculative fiction to empower. My target group is primarily teen girls (and a few women who love the genre). My teen years were the hardest of my life. So much pain, so much fear, so much lack of confidence and hiding who I was. If anything, my healing process from terror’s scars gave me a new perspective on life. I want to share that perspective with as many girls as I can.

Whoever reads my work, I hope you can see, no matter where you start–scared, abandoned, struggling, feeling worthless—you don’t have to stay there. Sure it will take effort, but I hope as you live alongside my characters you will find the hope you need to claw your way to the life you think is only attainable in your dreams.

We journey together.

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