Book Location: Caper Acres

For the next year, I dedicated the second week  of every month to highlighting different local settings found in my novel, Gatekeeper.

Today you get a picture tour of Caper Acres, Becca’s favorite park turned nightmare. As a kid I loved this park.

The Turret Gate
The Turret Gate
The Crooked Barn
The Crooked Barn

My favorite feature was, and still is, the crooked barn. You might notice a few discrepancies with this picture and the description in the book, first being the obvious lack of the silo. That’s because I made it up. The third level and silo tower, where you can look out over the entire park, are creations of my imagination. Maybe one day…

The second discrepancy is the overt lack of bumpy slide. I assume, like all metal park equipment, someone deemed it unsafe. Maybe the scorching surface in the summer on bare legs cinched its fate. Regardless, the countless children who will grow up without the benefit of being brain-scrambled while sliding makes me sad.


The rest of the pictures highlight places in the park I mentioned in Gatekeeper.

Cinderella's Castle
Cinderella’s Castle
Back view of Cinderella's Castle. The bark area is where the fire triskelion appears in the climax.
Back view of Cinderella’s Castle. Can you envision a blazing triskelion on the bark?








Mosaic Sear Serpent & Pirate Ship
Mosaic Sea Serpent & Pirate Ship
The Dwarves' Mines
The Dwarves’ Mines








Three Blind Mice's Cheese
Three Blind Mice’s Cheese
Humpty Dumpty on his wall guarding the sandbox
Humpty Dumpty on his wall guarding the sandbox


Inspiration behind the yellow brick road.

The yellow brick road doesn’t really exist. This tribute to the donors of Caper Acres inspired the idea. Imagine yellow bricks paving the dirt path. Maybe one day I’ll contribute the yellow brick road!


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