Acts of Bravery Week 2: Little Things Add Up to Huge Steps

To those of you who already read this blog, I apologize for the repost. Somehow it reverted to a draft and all the links showed a missing page. So, here it is republished, in case you ever wanted to find it again!

Welcome to my weekly highlights of bravery! If you’ve landed here by mistake, maybe it’s for a reason. Maybe you should read on and start your very own act of bravery. If you’re not quite ready yet, still read on and be inspired by my own attempts at bravery (or at least laugh, cry, or cringe along with me). Hopefully, one day, these tiny steps will lead us both closer to living smack in the middle of our dreams.

imageLooking back on last week’s acts of bravery, nothing really huge stands out. Here’s the list:

  1. My husband and I figured out our goals for this year and decided on proactive steps to reach them, instead of letting life happen like we usually do.
  2. Queried an agent: Ok, this was a huge step, but probably one of many I will send until I get that big “YES!”
  3. Googled how to pin my blogs onto Pinterest.
  4. Being present in every moment of my son’s 18th birthday
  5. Getting out of my comfort zone and taking a walk instead of hiding at home.
  6. Making phone calls to strangers
  7. Actually pinning my blogs to Pinterest

Reviewing them I realized something. I don’t have to do something huge every single day. If I did, I’d burn out and this Acts of Bravery experiment would become a burden instead of a joy.

Isn’t it the little, persistent steps that get us closer our dreams anyway? What’s that quote . . . Rome wasn’t built in a day? We just have to be willing to take them, regardless of how scary they seem.

The second truth that hit me was I don’t have to plan brave acts. They seem to pop up multiple times a day and ask me to make a choice: Say yes and live fully or say no and keep hiding. I would be willing to bet this principle holds true for everyone.

I’d love to hear about your brave baby step towards your dreams. Be brave! Share it in the comments or go to Acts of Bravery and share with the brave community there.

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