Not Ready? Do It Anyway.


I’m in love with this quote. Read it again. Think about it. This is meditation gold. This is everything I’m doing with my bravery challenge.

I don’t feel brave, but I’m doing brave things. And I guess that’s bravery. Acting despite fear. It wouldn’t be brave otherwise, right? But here’s the deal with the bravery challenge. Most of these things I’m trying, I have no idea how to do them and I’m certainly not ready.

Want an example? I recorded my first podcast today.

Pause for a moment and channel my terror.

Introvert, private, hiding-as-a-primary-defense-mechanism me recorded my first podcast.

I had so much fun. Exhilarating would be a good word to describe it. I can’t wait to share it with you.


The rest of the day, I have been an emotional wreck.

I am not ready.

I feel too vulnerable.

I might fail.

I’m going to air it anyway.

I have no idea if podcasting will work. I have no idea if my novels will sell. I have no idea if I’ll reach anyone with my blogs. But here I am. Trying. Doing.

The funny thing? The trying and doing? They’re just baby steps. These aren’t leaps and bounds kinds of tryings and doings. We might Wonder Woman pose, but we don’t have to scale skyscrapers in a single bound the first time. Or even the second or twentieth or thousandth. Or ever. Because seriously, who wants to jump over a skyscraper?

These “Great Things” aren’t single doings, they’re doings upon doings upon doings.

Forget about channeling my terror and channel Steph Curry for a minute. You know 2014-15 MVP, NBA 3-point record holder, hits 93.4% from the free-throw line Steph Curry (info found on Generally, I hate sports analogies, but please be patient with me for a few more lines.

Steph Curry did not wake up one day and say, “I’m want to play for the NBA, I think I’ll call up the Golden State Warriors and tryout.” No. Steph Curry trained. He practiced. He sacrificed. And day after day after day of trying and doing, doing and trying he got better and better and better. Until he won championships and hit a bunch of records. Until he became great.

My guess? Steph Curry did not lace up his basketball shoes for his first basketball practice ever knowing he would be great. I bet during that first basketball practice ever he barely hit the rim, much less got within feet of the rim shooting from the three-point line.

I’m not suggesting we all need to throw on a practice jersey and hit the court. Unless that’s your passion. I’m saying, just like Steph Curry, we start somewhere. We toddle until we can walk until we can run until we can dominate on the metaphorical basketball court.

I found a to-do list from February 2, thirty-two days into my bravery challenge.


That was 19 days ago. Less than three weeks. Guess what? All those impossible tasks? All those huge boulders? I accomplished them. Every single one.

Weeks ago.

I was not ready.

I didn’t think I could do it.

But I tried. I did. Sure, each task took time, each one took effort, each one took whining, facing fear, and impossibility, but I assimilated the information and applied it to life. I toddled.

My guess? Dominating at greatness, no matter the greatness you’re striving for, takes a ton of toddling. It takes behind the scenes preparation. It takes “to-do listing” it day by day and until you’re shooting free-throws in your sleep or (insert you prefered greatness dream here).

But it will never happen if we don’t start. If we don’t try. If we don’t do.

So I’m going to reach greatness by checking off one to-do list item, one toddling step at a time.

I’d love to hear all about your greatness goals and dreams! It let’s me know I’m not alone on this journey. Share in the comments. Also, what is your first toddling step? You know what it is. All you have to do is be brave enough to try!

5 thoughts on “Not Ready? Do It Anyway.

  1. Please share your podcast info, when you are ready. I love reading your journey. I think that you are incredible. And I have known you for a very long time. Thank you for and please continue being so brave. Love ❤

  2. This is SO HUGE. I’ve been thinking about it since you shared that quote on your page awhile ago- and it’s so true. I’m so afraid to be a beginner! But that’s how you learn ANYTHING! If I wasn’t afraid, there are so many things I’d do, right? Like start blogging again…eeep!

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