A Short Letter to My Brave Friends

Hey Brave Friends,

I’ve had a hard health week. Lyme came in full force on Monday and has gotten progressively worse throughout the week, which, for me, means arthritic-like pain, keep-me-in-bed fatigue, and the inability to think well. I kept hoping it would lift, but here it is Saturday and it hasn’t. Because of my brain not firing on all cylinders I wasn’t able to write a blog this week. But to hold you over until next week, I thought I’d highlight a few of my most popular posts over the last year. If you aren’t aware of my struggle with chronic Lyme disease and are interested I’ve added those, too.

In the meantime, go explore my new website, Acts of Bravery. While you’re there make sure to sign-up for the blog. By June I’ll have moved everything brave related over and solely use this website, rachelledenecochea.com, for my fiction.

The #1 Foundation of a Healthy Relationship

3 Brave Steps to Take Back Your Health

How to Reconnect Your Mind and Body

How to Belong to Yourself and Embrace Your Self-Worth

How to Change Disappointment Into Opportunity

What to Do When Your Life Rules are Outdated

Excuse Me. You Diagnosed Me With What?

I hope your week is full of peace, fun, and inspiration.



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