New Posts are Officially on!

Hi Brave Friends,

First of all, to all you moms, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Second, as of today, all new blog posts will appear on! And, since it’s Sunday, I have a new post waiting for you there. Head on over to the new website and check it out. While you’re there make sure to scroll down the sidebar and sign-up for the blog. That way you won’t miss any new posts.

If you want me to do all the work, email me at with your name and email address and I’ll hook you up.

I’ll be sending you reminders throughout the next few weeks because come June, I’m starting renovations on this site to dedicate it strictly to my fiction.

Click on the pic below to read today’s post.

4 Steps to Stop Emotional Weight from Stunting Your Personal Growth

Have a bravely wonderful week!


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