My Story

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Tiny Bio: I am a fairy tale dreamer, world adventurer, sentimental, walking paradox. I am a book hoarding writer, risk-taking homebody, intellectual, work in progress.

You want more???

Short Bio: In the third grade, I chronicled my adventures with a werewolf named Sparky. Add that to a love of fantastical worlds, multiple supernatural encounters, and teaching junior high students and you get the world of Gatekeeper.

Though my undergraduate degree in Behavioral Science inspires a myriad of mental disorders and personality conflicts to inflict upon unsuspecting characters, my graduate degree in Organizational Management only serves to keep my desk tidy. You can find me with my super-hero husband and two minion teens in Chico, CA.

I love to connect with people. Contact me at any of my social media sites and we’ll chat!


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