5-Steps to Stop Wishing For Your Dream Job and Start Doing It Already

Logically, we know we won’t live our dreams if we don’t get off our butts and do something. Still we stay immobile. Why?

Probably for as many diverse reasons we all have for being brave. Which means it comes down to fear. It always comes down to fear, doesn’t it? And if it comes down to fear, it means we need to step up our game. … More 5-Steps to Stop Wishing For Your Dream Job and Start Doing It Already

5 Parenting Tips to Nurture a Heart Connection With Your Kids

When my husband and I got hitched at twenty we were ready to take on the world. At that delightful age, life’s possibilities spread pregnant across the horizon. We had all we needed—our friends, our dreams, our college degrees (almost), and each other. Then, ten months later we got pregnant and at twenty-one I became a mother. Gasp.

Armed with zero knowledge of infants or children, we dove into parenting like we owned the place. We weren’t those people who devoured parenting books, either. Who needs those? Bor-ing. Our style tended towards the bohemian. Our kids went everywhere with us and we adjusted as needed.

Almost twenty years later, we biffed it on the parent front more times than I can count, but ultimately, we raised two intellectually and emotionally smart kids, who still want to hang out with us and glean our wisdom on major and minor life decisions. To me, that’s a win… … More 5 Parenting Tips to Nurture a Heart Connection With Your Kids

The #1 Foundation of a Healthy Relationship

But back then, when I looked at my life, I loved it. My husband was awesome and supportive of my dreams. My kids were thriving. I had numerous friends who loved me and saw me. I got to write every day.

So, what was the problem?

I couldn’t figure out the disconnect between the reality of my life and the overwhelming urge to flee. But then, I discovered a simple concept that encapsulated showing up, being present, vulnerable, and honest, being seen and living fully in my skin.

I call this “Being big.” … More The #1 Foundation of a Healthy Relationship

3 Questions to Help You Start Dreaming Again

f you’re anything like me, and I’m betting you are, life has dealt you a few disappointments. 

Some disappointments are easier to get over: Someone took the last bowl of cereal. Your favorite restaurant is closed on Sundays and you’re starving. The dentist was out of red freebie toothbrushes at your cleaning.

Others aren’t as easy to get over. The worst are devastating: Losing your business during the recession. A broken relationship that simply won’t mend. A chronic illness. 

For me, disappointment stopped my dreaming. Why bother? Even if I got to have my dream, I’d end up losing it anyway. … More 3 Questions to Help You Start Dreaming Again

How To Transform Plaguing Insecurities Into Life-Giving Affirmations

Confession time. Sometimes I wake up more mortified about this new business than stoked. All I want is to throw the covers back over my head, snuggle down into the soft womb of my bed, and forget I had this brilliant idea in the first place. I mean, who am I to think I can pull something like this off? I’m just . . . me. Me with all my flaws, all my weaknesses, all my insecurities—insecurities which take this prime opportunity to rattle off why I suck. 

Sound familiar? … More How To Transform Plaguing Insecurities Into Life-Giving Affirmations

This is Not a Political Post. I Promise…

Did the title worry you? Don’t let it. I’m horrible at polarizing people on political issues. Sure, I have my opinions, but I prefer to hear your point of view and why you believe what you do, rather than arguing and trying to convince you to convert to my political or religious stance. 

Disclaimer done.

Raise your hand if you heard about #NationalSchoolWalkout. I hadn’t until my daughter’s high school sent an email to parents informing us that at 10 am on March 14th, our student might choose to walkout of class for 17 minutes to voice their outrage for the gun violence epidemic plaguing out nation.

Seventeen minutes.

One for every person killed Februrary 14th at Stoneman Douglas High School.  … More This is Not a Political Post. I Promise…

The Sunshine Blogger Award!

I’m honored and humbled to announce I was nominated for the 2018 Sunshine Blogger Award! This nomination came at an ideal time. I’ve been considering expanding my blog into a full-blown website to empower people to take brave steps to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. A few weeks ago I took the plunge and started building ActsofBravery.com to help me realize this dream. Of course, fear, self-doubt, and nagging thoughts like “who do you think you are” crept in. Thank you, Padma! This nomination encouraged me at exactly the right time!  … More The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Life Derailed? How to Renew Your Purpose

What’s my purpose? What was I born to do? What lights me up on the inside?

Ask me five years ago, and I would’ve spouted off assured answers to these burning questions.

But now? Not so much.

Just about four years ago, life threw my family and me a devastating curveball. We were just about recovered when, seven months later, the curveball twisted and gave us a one-two punch to the face and broke our hearts. And as we crawled and clawed and mourned our way out of the trauma, we came out stronger as a family unit, wise in ways we never wanted to be, and found a deep and profound healing in our souls.

As light dawned and we sighed a breath of relief in our new normal, until . . . … More Life Derailed? How to Renew Your Purpose