Confront your worst nightmares or lose your best friend forever? Talk about a lose-lose situation.

The darkness appears unannounced. It lays in wait, ready to attack, ready to maim. It never backs down. I would know, since the day the shadows attacked me ten years ago, I’ve lived in terror that everyone will discover just how insane I am. So every second, of every minute, of every day I pretend. I play the part of Becca Grayburn: sane, inconspicuous, sophomore. I nail the role better than any A-lister in Hollywood.

At least I did, until Gabe DiAngello, Chico High’s star point guard, creates a swirling vortex of darkness that assaults Gwyne, my best friend, activating her wicked alter ego. As if my nightmare life isn’t bad enough, Gabe starts haunting my every step. With that olive skin and Rat Pack grin, why does he have to be the Master of Shadows and Gwyne’s crush?

Now, even if it means falling headlong into insanity, I have to find answers, I have to face my deepest fears. I have no choice. If I don’t, it means losing Gwyne forever. And I will save her, no matter the cost.

Want to buy Gatekeeper?

Sorry, you can’t. It’s not published yet.

“Wait, what?!” you ask. “Why not?”

I’m hunting for an agent, someone as passionate about building my career as I am, who is excited about my work, and a visionary willing to take calculated risks.

If you’re an agent (or aquisitions editor) and love what you see, please message me on facebook. I would absolutely love to talk with you and see if we will make a good team.

Want more of the Gatekeeper world?

In 2016, I wrote the first drafts of book two and three in the Gatekeeper series, along with a couple prequels. In 2017, I plan to edit and polish the second book (working title Secret Keepers) for publication and during NaNoWriMo write book four, the last of the series.

So hold tight, these stories have been swimming around in my head for more than three decades, I want them out of my mind and into your hands as much as you do!

If you can’t wait that long check out the offical Gatekeeper Pinterest pages:


Becca Grayburn: Welcome to her story. Insane. Afraid. Masterful pretender. She wants nothing more than a normal life, or so she thinks.

Gabe DiAngello: Is he evil? Not evil? Either way Gwyne loves him and Becca can’t stand him. Especially his obnoxious, cavalier smirk. Oh, and his green eyes suck too. Not to mention he’s nosy and pushy and shows up at the WORST times.

Gwyne Pierce: Becca’s best friend, loyal and true. Fashion lover. A party waiting to happen. She’s got a game plan and she’s not afraid to use it.

Owen Johnstone: Gabe’s best friend and cousin, and an overall teddy bear. Sports enthusiast. Might as well be a Scottish highlander. Does he have a thing for Gwyne?

Lexi DiAngelo: Gabe’s snarky little sister. Repressed artist. Fierce protector.

Hank Conway: Becca’s mentor. Ancient. Kind. Full of secrets.

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