How Success Can Create Unrealistic Expectations

For those of you who haven’t figured it out already, I’m a goal-driven, Type-A personality, ready to conquer the world one checklist item at a time. This quality is perfect for accomplishing tasks and staying disciplined, but its horrible for the boring, monotonous, daily mindset I need to get well.

In fact, as I’ve created room in my daily life to heal from stupid, chronic Lyme disease—resting, listening to what my body needs (and actually doing it), the whole days job of taking medication and eating clean—my relentlessly, goal-driven mindset has highlighted a shocking bad habit that even the Energizer Bunny couldn’t maintain.

Let me explain. … More How Success Can Create Unrealistic Expectations

Excuse Me. You Diagnosed Me With What?

You know those moments? The ones that alter your perspective so totally that your life is irrevocably changed?

I had one of those a few weeks ago.

Let me set the stage.

If you kept up with my Acts of Bravery challenge—one brave act every day—then you know I’ve had some health issues. Health issues I believed to be related to celiac disease. I’d tried everything to keep it under control—diet, exercise, mentally beating myself up—short of going to the doctor. But after another flare up so severe I missed my kids’ robotics tournament (my son’s last before he graduated high school) lying in bed with screaming gut pain, I realized I needed an expert’s help. … More Excuse Me. You Diagnosed Me With What?

Acts of Bravery Guest Post: Kicking Up Change

“Constant change is here to stay,” an oft quoted and long displayed sign in my life.

But I prefer the ​stay and not the change. The ​tried and true versus the new. The carefully calm as opposed to adventurous.

And I contemplate this as I careen headlong, and far too fast, into the intersection of Grandparent Ave. and Hot Flash Blvd. Ai yi yi. … More Acts of Bravery Guest Post: Kicking Up Change

Ask an Author: Jami Amerine

Today, I’m interviewing Jami Amerine. I met Jami over a year ago at Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference. I sat down next to the coffee shop fireplace for a little R&R and Jami struck up a conversation. During which, she showed me the ropes of blogging (Canva, Hoot Suite, etc.). Since then, she has been a wealth of information and a cheerleader. Thank you so much for being here today, Jami! … More Ask an Author: Jami Amerine

Thankfulness in the Midst of Loss and Easter

Until three years ago, I couldn’t understand why people hated the holidays. I got it in theory. No family, bad memories, loss, loss, loss. Of course it sucked for those people, but I still had my family and life was lovely.

Now I get it.

But can I tell you how tired I am of the sting of loss during what should be happy times? … More Thankfulness in the Midst of Loss and Easter